Wednesday, 5 July 2017

What are some of the Traditional Amulets and what they Signified?


Are you facing a lot of obstacles in life? Do you want a quick remedy from the difficulties of life? You can consider wearing Amulets. Thai and Egyptian amulets are used since the age old times to invite good luck, success and prosperity. The word ‘amulet’ signifies ‘protection’. Amulet is known to offer protection against all sorts of evil forces. When you buy an amulet, the gemstone which is used to make it, the shape of the amulet and the image you see on it plays a significant role. Following are some of the popular amulets:
  • Success Hippo: it is the popular amulet which symbolizes the birth of the young and his protection. It protects the woman who is bearing a child.
  • Prosperity Pig: This amulet is again the symbol of happiness, luck and prosperity.
  • Lucky Elephant: This is again a popular amulet which symbolizes luck, intelligence and loyalty.
  • Horse Shoe: It again symbolizes good luck, fertility and negates the power of evil.
Protection Charms are worn to protect one from evil forces. Some of the popular symbols used for the making of protection charms include ladybugs, tigers, dolphins, eggs, dragonflies and various others. Make sure the seller of the charms sell only genuine pieces.

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